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Mail Order Alteration

Sometimes, your schedule does not allow for you to go to an alterations shop.  We understand!  So, let us serve you!  Mail us your items and we will ship them back to you with the services completed.

Mail Order Alteration Form

How to Measure/Pin
Note: When measuring, ensure you have on the desired shoes you would wear with this garment. 
Repairs: Pin or mark all areas to be repaired.
Pant Hem: Fold up pants to desired length and pin through all layers of fabric (near the ankle.)
Dress Hem: Using a ruler, measure the distance from the floor to the desired length. Pin or mark spot. Repeat at least 10 times around the dress, measuring from the floor to desired length for hem.

Regular | Choose Your Services
Formal/Special Occasion | Choose Your Services
Uniform/Military | Choose Your Services

Terms & Conditions


Once you have submitted the Mail Order Alterations Form, and have shipped your items, the process begins.


Note: These prices are starting estimates. If we find that your items are in need of further altering, we will contact you for approval to proceed with additional alterations. Once alterations have been completed, an invoice with the total amount due will be sent via email.  A $20 fee will be added if you need your items sooner than 7 business days.  Mail Order Alterations should be sent to the following address:

Sew and Reap Store

PO Box 1073

Mustang, OK 73064

For Mail-Order Alterations:

After alteration is complete, and if your garment is not your preferred fit, you have 3 days from time of carrier delivery to inform Sew and Reap so that we may attempt satisfaction.


Note: Payment is due upon completed service and sent invoice, and prior to shipment. If payment is not received within one (1) business day, then a late fee of $5.00 will be added to your invoice daily. If payment is not received within three (3) business days, then your items become the property of Sew and Reap, and must be purchased from Sew and Reap. The purchase price of the garment(s) is at the discretion of Sew and Reap.

Sew and Reap is not a laundering or dry-cleaning service. Garments must be clean prior to appointments and for Mail Order Alteration services.

Alteration services are non-refundable. Any further destruction to garment(s) will come with a cost to the Client.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thanks for submitting!

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