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Client Agreement

The following agreement includes the terms of Sew and Reap for all custom orders.


Sew and Reap is responsible for creating the garment(s)/project(s) for the client, from the inspiration, photos, materials and/or design details provided either by the client or not. Sew and Reap does not duplicate other designers' work or construct exact replicas. Sew and Reap operates as an independent contractor and not as an employee or agent of the client. Sew and Reap represents and operates under the standard of care, skill, and excellence. Should Sew and Reap employ professionals, they shall uphold to the same standards. Sew and Reap is available for clear and open communication phone, email, or text.


During the initial consultation the Client's vision and preferences are discussed as well as the anticipated quote of the garment(s). Sew and Reap will exchange and modify ideas until a final design is agreed upon. During this phase, the Client and Sew and Reap cover rough fashion sketches, garment styles, fabrics, notions, color, embellishments, and silhouette as well as fittings, alterations, and any further design details. These will be agreed upon by both parties (Client and Sew and Reap) before the production of any design. A consultation is required for all custom concepts. A consultation fee is due prior to a scheduled consultation. The consultation fee is inclusive and non-refundable.

Fittings & Alterations

All fittings and alterations are covered in the price of the garment(s) until it is released to the Client. The garment may only be altered at no additional cost before final pickup or delivery. Last minute alterations are at discretion of Sew and Reap, if time permits. If alterations are extensive, additional fees may apply. Should the Client's body measurements drastically change during the time the garment is released and the event date, alterations will incur an additional fee.

We have a full-service commitment and will work until your garment is at its best fit. The garment will be produced using the Client's measurements take or provided. If the Client desires to obtain services outside of Sew and Reap for alterations or adjustments, the Client is responsible for those costs.

Order Changes

Designing and constructing custom garments is a collaborative process that sometimes requires minor changes along the way. Please let us know of any changes as early as possible so that we may attempt to accommodate you. If no concerns are addressed prior to the purchase date of materials, which is generally 1-3 days after the initial payment is made, no changes can be made without the Client incurring additional fees. Accommodations may be possible at the discretion of Sew and Reap. The Client understands that he/she is responsible for the payment of the garment(s) and any materials to complete garment(s). The Client also assumes responsibility of timely payments. If extra materials are needed to complete the garment(s) the Client is responsible for payment of those materials. The Client understands that there shall be no changes to fabric once it has been purchased or once it has been cut. Any changes to the initial design or fabric, will result in additional fees and must be approved by Sew and Reap. The Client also understands that any changes made to the design of the garment(s) or fabric may result in the production delays; the Client may incur additional rush fees to meet requested completion dates.

Fabric Agreement

Fabric and materials will not be purchased until the Client has approved them and has paid the Consultation fee and their initial deposit. Once approved, and the fabric and materials for their design have been purchased, fabric changes cannot be made. Fabric changes will result in additional fees to the Client. The fabric cannot be changed once garment is produced.

Commitments & Late Fees

If Client is more than 20 minutes late to any scheduled appointments, without notice, there will be an additional $50.00 fee added to the balance due. If Client is a "No Call No Show" to any set appointments or fittings, there will be an additional $100.00 fee added to the balance due. Concepts will not be released until the balance has been fulfilled. If balances are not paid to Sew and Reap within 15 business days of agreed upon event or Sew and Reap receives no communication from Client within 30 days of event, after it has been communicated that the garment(s) is/are completed, then Client will forfeit their garment(s) and garment(s) will become inventory of Sew and Reap. Legal action may occur.

Rush Production

Rush production is available ONLY at the discretion of Sew and Reap and is based on a number of variables such as (and are not limited to) event date, availability, current production status, etc. If rush production is approved, additional fees will incur at the Client's expense. These fees vary and are non-negotiable.

Delivery of Services

Delivery of garment(s) shall be mutually agreed upon by both Client and Sew and Reap, and in no event later than the event date. The garment(s) can be picked up at a mutually agreed upon date and time. Sew and Reap shall take reasonable steps to satisfy the Client's needs for services in a timely manner. If garment(s) is/are for a formal event, such a wedding, proms, special occasion, then delivery requests must be made as soon as possible to prevent time constraints. Delivery of garments via postal carrier services will incur an additional fee and require signature upon delivery. Sew and Reap is not responsible for lost or stolen packages upon carrier confirmed delivery.

Release Notice

When the Client obtains their garment(s) on the set pickup date, any alterations after it is released to the Client will result in additional alteration fees. All custom garments are final sale. There are no refunds, exchanges or returns for custom garments.


Our garments are custom made for each client. Sew and Reap does not accept any returns or cancellations. The Client understands that if the custom order is in production and is cancelled for any reason, there will be no refunds on prior services rendered or for any prior deposits paid to Sew and Reap. Once the Client has cancelled an order, either by verbal or written communication, or neglects to provide notice, Sew and Reap has the right to stop production of the order and use any remaining garments, fabrics, or materials for company use.

Limitation of Liability & Waiver to Sue

Sew and Reap is not responsible for any mishaps, including but are not limited to rips, tears, broken seams, stains to the garment(s) or any lost, stolen or damaged garment(s), once they are released to the Client and are in the Client's possession and care. After release of the order, the Client agrees that any mishaps that occur after the time the garment(s) is/are no longer in the possession of Sew and Reap, are not our responsibility. The Client agrees that he/she waives any right to sue or seek any sort of litigation against Sew and Reap, its company, affiliates or employees when all terms are reviewed and payment is provided.


Service Fees

All payments made to Sew and Reap are non-refundable. This agreement will be null and void if no deposit is received for service. Services on garment(s) will not commence until a deposit is made.

Forms of Payment

Sew and Reap accepts all major credit cards.

Terms of Payment

For single custom concepts greater than $500.00, a deposit of 80% of the order total is due for production to begin. The remaining 20% is due before the order is released or delivered. Concepts $499.99 and less in value must be paid in full for production to begin.

Third Parties

This agreement is solely between Sew and Reap and the Client, and/or purchasing agent. Sew and Reap is not obligated to discuss this agreement or details therein with anyone other than the Client and/or purchasing agent. This agreement is not binding with a minor or anyone under the age of 18 years.

Photo & Media Release

Sew and Reap reserves the publishing and posting rights of all garment(s) produced and/or sold that are pictured by the Client, for advertising and marketing purposes. Photos and videos will be taken of the Client during fittings for documentation and advertising purposes.

Refusal of Services

Sew and Reap has the right to refuse services without a refund to the Client, if the Client becomes harassing, menacing, or threatening to the company or its employees regarding any services being rendered via voice, text, or direct or indirect communication. Any client that becomes menacing or harassing toward any party of Sew and Reap also forfeits any deposits or payments made to Sew and Reap. Any vandalism or damage of any company property by a client, client affiliate, relative, representative, and/or spokesperson will be pursued with lawful consequences.

All prices are subject to change based on market availability.

Sew and Reap has the right to refuse services to anyone.

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