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To submit measurements for your choice of garment, please reference the measurement guide below.  In order to ensure accuracy, please follow the guide.

You may email your measurements to

Circumferences | Measurements Around

  • Neck (around the neck)

  • Shoulders (Left bra strap position to right bra strap position, across the back)

  • Waist

  • Bust

  • Bicep

  • Hip

Lengths | Vertical Measurements

  • Arm length (shoulder to wrist)

  • Shoulder to Waist (Highest should point, down to natural waist, approximately 2" above the belly button.)

  • Shoulder to Knee (Highest shoulder point, down to the knee)

  • Shoulder to Bust (Highest neck point down to the bust point)

  • Waist to Knee

  • Waist to Floor

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